An intriguing semi-realistic, semi-literate wolf pack roleplay.
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 Pack Ranks

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PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:11 pm

Every user has a rank, be it Aureus, Pup or Vota. It might seem a little confusing, but it is all necessary for a fully functioning wolf pack roleplay.
Just remember that when we are out of character, we are equal, and that the ranks are only for our characters.


  • The driving force of the pack - this pair sends the other wolves on the right path
  • Rule enforcers - nothing gets past them
  • Judges - they will place any new wolves into the Vota rank, and will move them up to Venator/Pup if they are deemed worthy.
  • Reporters - will call meetings every half a dozen weeks to make sure every wolf is up to date


  • Secretaries - help with the running of the pack
  • Representatives - if another pack wishes to meet, the argents will often represent the pack in that meeting
  • Challengers - by challenging the Aureus every now and again, the Argents keep them on their toes


  • Hunters - hunt for the pack, as well as the Aureus and Argents
  • Messengers - will sometimes be asked to carry messages to other wolves/packs
  • Territory markers - every day, a small patrol of Venators will mark the territory thoroughly


  • The youngsters - will stay with their mother until it's time for training


  • The lowest pack member - usually exiled for a great crime, a lower version of a Venator

About the Vota

Votas are new members. After a certain period of time, the alphas will move them into the Pup/Venator rank at the next meeting if they have proved themselves, or remain as a Vota until they do.
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Pack Ranks
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